Collaborate at Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings is this Friday at Copper and Kings! This month’s theme is Collaborate, and the featured speaker is Lou Lenzi, the Design Director at GE Appliances.

Last month we spoke with a few CM attendees about their work, life, and style. Destiny Gowdy talked to us about working from home, and vintage clothes:

What type of work do you do?

“I work at Humana. I develop creative content for videos and I’m working on an upcoming ad they are doing.”


Tell us about your outfit today.

“I just got this dress from Unique Thrift Store for like $7! I wore it because I biked here, and its long enough to bike in.”

“I’m a heavy thrifter, but I’m a fabric snob. New fabric feels so light and cheap. I look for older things, at the right length and the right fabric, because I know it’s gonna last. I love stuff from the 1970’s, anything mid-length.”

Getting dressed is a creative process that we repeat every day. Where do you start?

I work from home, so I start with anything. But, if I go in to work I start with whatever will make me feel comfortable in an environment that I’m pretty new to. I’m new to the corporate environment, having previously worked in film, so I focus on feeling good. From there, I worry less about what I’m supposed to wear.

What brought you to Creative Mornings?

I moved here from Seattle, but grew up in Louisville. This looks awesome, I’m excited to be back in town, and that these things are happening.