The Pretty Gritty is a visual collection of purposeful and unintentional street style in Louisville, KY and beyond.

From a reader:


About Amber


Amber’s interest in street-style was refined from years of people watching across the country and in various parts of the world, mostly to inspire her own style. In 2008, she left the mountains of Oregon for the sidewalks of Louisville, Kentucky, keeping a keen eye out for unique self-expression and innovative style, eventually forming The Pretty Gritty in 2012. The Pretty Gritty portraits live within the pages of Louisville Magazine or the endless scroll of Instagram, but Amber’s business card will always point you back to the blog, which is carefully curated with (almost) daily additions. Amber spends her spare time with music, food, bikes, climbing gear, and various forms of paper art. Folks on foot can spot her chasing down a great shot or weaving through a crowd with camera in tow, always on the look out for the next Pretty Gritty feature.