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The Pretty Gritty @ Creative Mornings

We’re regular attendees of Creative Mornings Louisville, in part because we’re just plain interested, and also because Kertis Creative is a very proud sponsor (and help create the wrap videos). If you haven’t been to a Creative Mornings, get yourself to the next one!

This month’s talk was held at ReSurfaced, a creative pop up plaza in downtown Louisville. Better experienced than explained, it’s a project that looks at how to use space in unique ways, and features events, food, and general community culture.

Creative Mornings events are a fantastic place to see unique street style, and we’ll be featuring a few each month.

This morning we ran into Shirer Burkett, from Somerset, KY, who runs her own Very Tiny Uber Petite Seriously Small Super Fab Design Shop & Studio.

What brought you to Creative Mornings/ReSurfaced today?

“I’m in town for AIGA’s Design Week, and I knew Kentucky for Kentucky was speaking. I had seen their Kentucky Kicks Ass project when I was a Creative Director in England, and I loved it. I was hoping to meet them, so I was definitely coming to this.”

Tell us about your outfit today.

“Well, it’s hot so I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable. Normally I wear heels, but I walked from my hotel, so I’m glad I didn’t.”

creative mornings2

What does style/personal style mean to you?

“I like beautiful things. I’ve worked for so long trying to make everything functional, and I’m at a point where I’m not so into that anymore. I just like to surround myself with things that I think are pretty. I’ve actually never really been a pattern person, but now I’m really embracing Arts and Crafts, and William Morris in particular. Now I want pattern everywhere (so don’t come visit my house because it will be a mess). I’m leaning that way towards fashion even, so I need to reign myself in. I had bright yellow boots that I was going to wear today, and even I thought, yeah, that might be too much.

Getting dressed is a creative process that we repeat every day. Where do you start?

“It depends on what I feel like and where I am. In Somerset for instance, I’m probably more conservative than I would be in Louisville. And I’m probably more conservative in Louisville than I would be in NYC. And in London, I could just walk around naked and it would be fine.”

Creative Mornings

Why is personal style important to you?

“You have so little control over what happens in your every day life, you have so few ways to just express yourself. It’s a way of self expression that no one can take away from you. I like that, I like that it says a little about the person that you are. Sometimes I feel like a punk rocker, so I dress like one.”

Impression of Creative Mornings/ReSurfaced?

“I love the space, and that there are so many people here. There’s just a buzz, its fantastic. I need to bring this so Somerset KY, for all ten of us who live there.”